Tourist Quality Certification

We have the Tourist Quality Certification.

What is it?

It’s a Certification granted to all tourist service providers that have successfully approve the Tourist Quality Certification program, provided by the Chilean government.

Tourists can recognize the Seal of Quality Tourism through the certificate that tourist service providers must have in a conspicuous place within their establishments, which is represented with the letter “Q” quality within a ocher canvas, as in the following example:

Sello Calidad Turistica

In the case of Tourist Guides, we are given a credential that verifies that we are certified guides.


The benefits of preferring a service with the Tourist quality certification Label are:

Confidence – receive the service that you hired.

Transparency – know exactly what each tourist service provider can offer.

Security – proper response to an accident or problem during the service.

Satisfaction – because it meets the expectations of customers

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